View Full Version : Need php Coder For Auction-Like Storefront site.

09-17-2009, 08:58 AM
I need a quote from a php coder for an auction-like store front. Its not an auction store, the prices will be fixed, but the store will allow for members to sign up, place their items on the site and then sell them as they would an auction site but for the price they mark their item as. All items that will be sold on this site are internet generated such as music, pictures & video downloads.

A Description Of The Project:

Users would have a paypal account entered into their profile BUT it would be the site that collects all payments and then we would send users their share later.

There needs to be a mobile version of the site so people can search the profiles and users content to decide what items they would like to purchase.

I want people to be able to use sms/text messaging services to purchase items from their phone or if their phone is capable they can use the mobile version of the site and buy things using their credit card or paypal, or on the internet they can use their credit card or paypal at the full site.

I want users to be able to download a widget that can not only display each users content from their account but a little advertisement and embed that widget into myspace or any place allowing html so they can market and sell their digital content. Eventually adapt the widget for facebook.

This site will need to be integrated with vbulletin or a social networking script. You can quote me for writing it from scratch or you can quote it for changing an existing cart (CubeCart, X-Cart, Zen Cart, OsCommerce, etc). Please let me know which one you are doing and what you are quoting me for.

What must the coder have?

1. A portfolio with other recent projects completed.
2. You MUST be at least 18 years old. Although there are some good kids that can code well I'm looking for someone who is professional and mature.
3. You must have a web site or been doing this for a while.
4. Please provide at least 3 references. If you are new and have none I will still consider you, send your pitch.
5. Good communication skills and be able to speak English well. You do not have to live in an English speaking country, but I must be able to understand you and you me. (You can live in Spain and still speak good English via a messenger :))
6. Must be reasonably priced. I'm looking for a decent coder but not looking to pay thousands of dollars for a hack to a shopping cart.
7. Must have a messenger such as MSN, ICQ, AIM or YIM.
8. Payments ONLY via Paypal. So if you do not have paypal or cannot use paypal, then I cannot work with you.
9. I will pay a small down payment if you request it.

If you have any suggestions for software that can be used please post it here or send it via a PM to me. I usually do check PM's here, but if you have sent me a PM and have not heard from me in 24 hours, then please send me an e-mail at admin@darwicksdesign.com. If I'm satisfied with your work, I will be likely to hire you in the future or keep you on to do various php coding projects for me.

When sending your quote provide the following:

1. Your portfolio link.
2. Your e-mail address.
3. Your messenger info
4. Your quote.
5. Your experience level
6. Your references e-mail address + pages that your work is on.
7. Your age.

Thanks, hope to work with you!