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04-04-2003, 04:57 PM
I can't find an interface that is not already taken :mad: any help?

04-04-2003, 05:06 PM
By interface, do you mean a navigation system? In terms of style, I'll have to admit, most methods have been taken, though I have to admit, there are some really innovative flash interfaces, especially for multimedia companies that want to show off their web site making abilities.

The first thing that differentiates one site to another is the look and feel of the site, not necessarily the content, though that could be the case.

I don't understand what you mean by interfaces, but if you want to make one really unique, play around with photoshop, or do some stuff with flash.


04-04-2003, 05:12 PM
menu interface? or design in general? or interface for the admin of some script?

bah, not everything is taken. sure, there are sites with navigation on the top, left, right, bottom, or centre... but its not so much where or how but more making it yours. if every possible idea was taken, then nobody would be designing sites anymore.

i sure find it hard coming up with designs that look like my own, but its all about making it yours. sure, when stripped down to its bare essentials any website is gonna look like the next, but with some graphics, colour, and whatever else nobody is gonna say "now that looks identical to (insert name of competeing web designer here;))'s design"...

so... dont get discouraged... stick at it and you will come out a winner :)...

if you want you could post up the "interface" you had and we could prod it... but other than that you should poke it til its your own :)

keep at it:thumbsup:

edit: beaten again...

04-04-2003, 05:15 PM
interface, i meant the overall design of a site. I wanted to aceheive a starcraft look, but infoceptor.com took it. I thought maybe with some modding and having chains and cntractable menus it would look neet, but I don't know.

04-05-2003, 05:42 AM
I think I can help you. I have bookmark to a site but I can't find it. I'll keep looking.

04-05-2003, 10:39 AM
infoceptor.com ? Nah, battle.net has the starcraft style.
You play starcraft? It's old but still awesome:).

N.E ways, like as everyone else has said there are plenty o' ways to design your website. To get the creative juices flowin' through ya brain try www.coolhomepages.com .. Although it doesn't work for me anymore as I've been through every page in there and all the new ones are the same..

Places like www.whoswe.com and www.2advanced.com have extrodinary interfaces that are very conceptual.. The right idea will come to u. :)

04-05-2003, 01:22 PM
2advanced, huh? I bet I could make a site like that with 100% script :D Would that load slow?

04-05-2003, 01:31 PM
Hahahhahahahaha...... *pause* hahahahhahaah....
lol ;)
No offence intended by that..:)

You just couldn't, you have waaaay to high expectations for coding, specially Dhtml.

Also I doubt many users of this forum would have that sort of graphic ability, certainly not me that's for sure.

[OT]I just realised they are sponsoring Taig Khris! He's my idle, maybe in a year or two I'll be able to compete against him.

04-05-2003, 02:04 PM
Originally posted by mattover-matter
2advanced, huh? I bet I could make a site like that with 100% script :D Would that load slow?



::] krycek [::

04-05-2003, 02:13 PM
"2advanced, huh? I bet I could make a site like that with 100% script Would that load slow?"

lol! :D reading that has brightened up my day, thanks :D

seriously though, methinks you should look more into what dHTML can and cant do. maybe you could make something that looks vaguely like it, but methinks you couldnt make it just like that, if dHTML could do that to the same effect then they wouldnt have used flash :)

04-05-2003, 03:21 PM
maybe not the thing with where you click and it does the thing how it popups, but if I got bored enough....I could. I do NOT have anything near that graphics ability either, that would lead to my downfall.

04-05-2003, 03:27 PM
heh. enough offtopic for now mefeels. can you post a link to the design that you thought was too like that infoceptor site? then we can prod it and see if it'll start looking more original. take a stroll down inspiration lane and see what happens...

04-05-2003, 03:35 PM
ahhh, yes. I deleted it(it was no work of art). I can redo it to show what I was thinking

04-05-2003, 03:41 PM
That'd be a great idea. :)
And like red said (that rhymes :)) I think between us all we could help you get something original. :)

04-05-2003, 03:45 PM
ok, I made a rough draft.

Like when you click the submenu it would have the script for contractable menu, and change top for like 2 seconds or whatever to make it turn the wheel. it is supposed to look like in a clock, but just one of them, hehe. It is just a rough draft, but I think it still looks like infoceptor.

04-05-2003, 03:51 PM
rough draft = I hope so! ;)
Hmm ... What do you mean by contractable menu? (Have you got an example?)

Also, I don't think that is to much like infoceptor.com .. It could be nice. :)

04-05-2003, 03:54 PM
Also are you going for a clean brushed metal type, or a rusty dank type look & feel?

04-05-2003, 03:58 PM
well, I want it to look like super technology.

contractable menu....damn, can't find one.

well, it will have the menu, then submenus. when u click submenu it will show/hide the elements.

like a folding tree, except different look.

04-05-2003, 05:38 PM
Oh my god, and just before I left for my holidays... well, that puts a shine in my week to come. If I get bored, I will think of this thread...


04-05-2003, 05:51 PM
LINK (http://www.spoono.com/tutorials/javascript/collapsiblemenu/)


04-06-2003, 05:08 PM
Originally posted by duniyadnd
LINK (http://www.spoono.com/tutorials/javascript/collapsiblemenu/)


Ahh, righty O.

That'd be easy to implement, I could even help you with an animated version. :)

[edit:]Ok, so we know how you want your side menu. Now we need to decide on how and where to display main content.

Have you any specific style and position?

lol, didn't think anyone would notice. I was going to edit but I had already clicked reply and typed my message. Lack of sleep makes you do strange things. ;)

And for the record I'm not any higher than you non-mods, I just have special abilities.

04-06-2003, 05:11 PM
Me thinks me knows how Mhtml has so many posts :rolleyes:

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04-06-2003, 05:12 PM
Have you ever heard of the 'edit' button, Michael? :p

or does being a mod/priest let you get away with multiple-post sacrilege? :D

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04-06-2003, 09:46 PM
well, I pretty much have the menu scripted. I just need help making the gear...It is harder than it looks. Maybe a mod can move it to graphics area? I tried with the circles in photoshop.....No luck. I have photoshop 7.

04-07-2003, 02:33 PM
Well I don't really feel in the graphics mood tonight, more of a coding mood so... If no one else posts a gear by tommorow arvo I'll whack one up in photoshop and send you the .psd .. :)