View Full Version : Generate mysql Dump with query(?)

09-14-2009, 08:52 PM

I need to be able to backup the database every 1 hour.
The database is not large at all but very alive.

Id need to be able to store the generated dump in a
folder/file like www/backups/hour-day-month-year
For example www/backups/12-14-9-2009 :: would have been midday today.
For example www/backups/13-14-9-2009 :: would have been 13:00 today.

as the dumps aint large at all, i can manually erase the useless ones few
months later so this aint a problem at all.

I cannot use system() commands etc since the server is not my own,
so im looking for an alternative way. OUTFILE is as well out of question.

Thanks in advance. :)