View Full Version : Installing IVB skins.. A few problems.

04-04-2003, 04:34 AM
I'm having some trouble installing skins to my newly uploaded invision board @ http://odyssey.m5interactive.com ..

Now I managed to install the board alright, but I've never been hosted on anything but IIS and never used PHP except for half an hour on local.

So, I'm trying to install a skin and I've been getting a lot of errors. Most of them were write permissions and I've managed to fix them but this one has me stumped.

Warning: mkdir() failed (File exists) in /home/virtual/site20/fst/var/www/html/forum/sources/Admin/ad_skin_import.php on line 196

And in the user friendly type bit:

Directory creation failed, cannot import skin set. Please check the permission in 'archive_in'

But archive_in has suffice permissions. :confused:

Also, what is chmod777 or whatever and how do I do it, and what are the benefits etc..

04-05-2003, 10:42 AM
didnt see anything at that url... just a broken image :(

"Also, what is chmod777 or whatever and how do I do it, and what are the benefits etc.."

umm... chmoding is setting what permissions you are giving to that file... in your FTP client you should be able to right click the file and then click CHMOD or Permissions or Propertys or something like that... and then either click the checkboxes or type in the numbers. (i think) 777 means that anyone can write the file, anyone can read from the file and anyone can execute the file, or something along them lines. :)

i havent used invision board but i dug up some review on it... and using my powers of selective quoting will show you some things:
"Okay, so the skinning system wasn't easy to learn"
"The only problem I have against it is the skinning department. It's rather confusing and they don't have any help files on it that I know of. If they were to make the skinning easier,"
"Although most people find the skinning hard,"
" I agree skinning options are not good enough."
"Template editing could be easier"... i would copy and paste some more but methinks you get the picture that you're not alone with the skinning problem ;)

well... i seem to have typed an awful lot and not really solved any problems... hope you can get it sorted :thumbsup:

just a suggestion: p'raps phpBB (http://phpbb.com) might be just a bit easier?... i found it very simple....:cool:

edit: hang on a second... i was sure you'd written your own forum in asp??...

04-05-2003, 11:04 AM
I'm actually still working on my bulletin board. It's becoming very big indeed, I think it is easily as good as PHPbb at the moment but I'm having a little bit of problems with the skinning aspect of it. Making every pixel skinnable is the aim. No coding knowlege required.

My site seems to be down I'll have to talk to Krycek about it. :)
Thanks anyways..