View Full Version : Best way to do this; should I use php?

09-09-2009, 01:36 AM
I'm finishing my notification system and expanding it to other service such as yahoo and msn but to do this I need to use a are irc server such as bitblee.

My question is I was going cron a php script that would check database for new entries and then would connect to irc and loop threw commands such as .send screenName "message" the problem with this is the script would time out due to my server admin disabling set_time_limit. Or should I have something client side programed in java to sit in irc and listen to a text document, but I would rather have it connect to the database.

Or is their another way to do this basically all it needs to do is connect to database and check for new entries and be able to loop threw and send the commands in irc.