View Full Version : html response to php mailresult?

Sep 5th, 2009, 09:46 AM
Hi all,
I'm new to php, but managed to get a domail.php working. My form from my html website is sent by the php file to my email address. However, the php echoes a mailresult upon successful sending, but how can I let my website respond to this mailresult?? I'd like to go to a different page, when the mailresult==OK, so something in my html file like

//go to page saying, your mail has been sent!

OR I could change the "OK" to something more like "Thank you, your mail has been received" in the php file, because this text IS shown in my browser window. Then I would need to know how to make the layout of the window saying this fit my website layout, because now the text is just in a white plain frame..

Hope you guys can help me with either of those two options. Thanks a ton!!