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04-03-2003, 01:58 PM

I have a specific requirement in my website. It is as follows and I am asking you for the script to cause it to happen, please.

I hope you can help.

My site uses maximised windows as the primary pages and the secondary windows are 640 x 480 without the toolbars status bars etc. the only bar is the back-stop-refresh buttons row.

My difficulty is that when one of the secondary windows is arrived at directly from a search engine, it is in a maximised window with all the toolbars. I need to do one of the following and I reckon you guys will know which is best.

1. Resize the secondary window from maximised to 640x480 with no toolbars etc & open a new maximised window for my main menu.

2. Close the window which the search engine has brought them to & open 2 windows of the required sizes - one with the main menu in it and one with their desired secondary content.

Just to keep you busy :), two further requirements in the sme process:-

1, that this script doesnt do anything where the viewer has moved through my site from the main menu.

2. The the script can be either copied and pasted as is, through all the secondary pages OR placed in a .js file, where I can copy and paste the calling script in each secondary page.

(for ease [hopefully], all the secondary pages are located in the same place relative to the index.htm page - what I mean is that to return to the main menu form all the secondary pages, the route is ../../index.htm

Thanks in advance.

Bazz. (newby)

04-03-2003, 09:00 PM
I suggest Option 3 - let go of your desire for window control :)

Anyway I don't think it's possible - you can't close an existing window or change its toolbar settings - you can only modify a window you opened yourself through script. And you can't know with 100% certainty where someone was before they came to a given page - you have referer (sic) information, but it is not reliable.

And even if all of that were possible ... it wouldn't work on me, because I have my browser set not to allow javascript to open, close, resize, move or otherwise change my windows ;)

04-03-2003, 09:38 PM
Thanks for the reply brothercake and, fair comment. I was aware that it involved a bit too much control of things but it would make for much clearer navigation of my site. Still, if many people have javascript turned off its a bit of a waste of time me going to a huge bother for nought. ;)

Thanks again.

edited for horrendous spelling. I'm away to get my fingers sorted. :)n