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09-03-2009, 08:58 PM
Please help me get the basics here..

I have to use Euler's Method to develop a plot and I've come this far:

function y = hw1_8
% Function to determine water level in tank as a function of time
% Inputs: a = Cross-Sectional Surface Area
% Q = Flow rate
% Outputs: Water level as a function of time

a = 1200;
q = 500;
y = 0;
t = 0;

while t <= 10
y = y + [3*q/a*sin(t)^2 - q/a]*(.5);
fprintf('time = %3.1f y = %5.2f\n', t, y);
t = t+.5;


It returns a list of the correct values that I need, but by using my method, it dumps all of the previous values of y. How can I have it store the values as an array so that I can plot t vs. y after I'm done?

Any help is greatly appreciated, I'd love to be good at Matlab!