View Full Version : Monitoring individual script usage

09-03-2009, 10:37 AM
Is there any tool/utility I can install on a linux server that will monitor the resource usage of individual scripts?

I have something in WHM that sorta claims to but its not all that useful


Top Process %CPU 43.2 httpd [domain.com] [/images/content_images/gustavia_port1.jpg]
Top Process %CPU 30.9 httpd [domain.com] [/temp/120px/120px_main_amante---hatter-main5958.jpg]

Its telling me that its using 43% CPU to get a jpg?! This isn't a dynamic jpg or anything, its just a flat file on the server. Thats supposedly the average usage for the last 10 hours for one of the users on the server. I just don't see why those 2 particular images (they're no different than any other) would be the top processes for that account.

There is an account on the server using 18x the resources of the other accounts but with only 6x the traffic. The site comprises of hundreds of scripts so tracking down the issue manually will be difficult.