View Full Version : how to implement ticketing system with paypal

08-31-2009, 03:05 AM
I want to build website where users can purchase tickets for various events.

I know how to build if there is only one client and money goes to his account through paypal.

But here ,there will be many clients and their tickets will be different and depending upon tickets money will go into different bank accounts.

is something like this possible with paypal

08-31-2009, 05:55 AM
My gut feeling is that it would not be possible ...

But I'm not sure if you mean several PayPal accounts, or one PayPal account
that is connected to several bank accounts ...

Your system would need to be seamless, so you would need API keys for several
different PayPal accounts, and a secure server to handle the transactions.
That means, those PayPal account owners would be giving you their account information
so you could do the transactions.

Now, you mentioned going into different bank accounts ... if that means one PayPal
account and several bank accounts, you have permission to access those bank
accounts? The ability to transfer money to them?

Either way, I don't imagine you would be given that kind of access unless you were
the owner of all the accounts. So that's why I would say it could not be done.


You didn't explain much about the agreements between you and the companies
that are selling the tickets through your website ...
Let's say 10 theaters give you blocks of 100 tickets each to sell. You sell what you
can on your website and all of the money goes into your one PayPal account. You then
send back any unused tickets and a check for the ones sold ... to each theater, minus
your "cut". So you need to send each of them a check ... no access to bank accounts.

But maybe you have a deal going ... something happening here that you didn't tell us?

The answers to your question will all be different as we learn more about what
you're really trying to do.

08-31-2009, 06:28 AM
Actually there are many community events like parties and fairs happenning in my city.
Usually 4-5 events every month.

they sell tickets in some selected shops or persons. I was thinking of starting a website
where i can sell those tickets online.

They are not big companies but group of persons , i know, who organize those events.

I think initially i won't charge any money from them , just to make that site popular.

Is it a bad idea??

08-31-2009, 01:59 PM
Then, you need to have your own PayPal account (one account).
You then arrange a deal where you sell tickets for those places
and send them a check when the event sales are done.