View Full Version : Pre-loading text with arrays: Good or Bad?

07-10-2002, 11:14 PM

I've recently updated my site so that the majority of the content is loaded into a JS array to allow usage of div ID's to display the content in a frame-like fashion, without the frames. My concern is, the index page went from a few K to over 70K in doing this, though the overall site size was reduced by close to 2 megs. I havn't noticed any depredation of performance, but I'm on a broadband connection. For that matter, it seems that the site loads faster using the array.

Is this a good idea or bad idea? Should I be concerned about the size of the index? Does the array size count when a user is downloading the index, or does the size count only when parsed?

Thanks in advance.

Eric, aka Dalsor
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