View Full Version : Need Help With Slide Show&Buttons

08-26-2009, 12:24 AM
To the AS3 Flash & Action Script Community

1) Iím trying to add the ability for the slide show to have auto capabilities. This is so that if the user doesnít click anything, then after a Timer Delay(which Iíve attempted to set but fails horribly) the slide show just clicks to the next slide automatically by itself.

2) Iím also curious how would I get the buttons to activate themselves into GLOW position if it auto advances to the next slide.

For example if slide 1 goes to slide 2 then slide 2 button will glow and stay on while in slide 2 position. And at the same time keep the full button functionality if the user does a mouse over and click on the selected slide button.

If anyone is willing to try to help me fix my attempt at AS3 script, send me a private message so that i may send a link to download the file.

I'm in a world of hurt on this project and would appreciate it Greatly.
I'm just trying to learn my first AS3 project. And i'm not finding anyone willing to help me in other forums.

NOTE the code also uses a little TweenMax at the begining but its not necessary to use throughout. I'm not even sure if it was a good idea to use tween max.

Please click here to download file. (https://www.yousendit.com/download/YkxMZGVjR3NqY3F4dnc9PQ)

The download link will be available for 7 Days. If it is not working... just send me a private message to re-upload.
Thanks in Advance - any help would be great.