View Full Version : Counting depending on values from another table?

08-23-2009, 11:06 AM
I have a table with data from a golfcourse (pars), and I have a user who has recorded several of scores for this golfcourse. Now what I want to do is to figure out how man par3, 4 and 5 holes he has played...

To make this example easy I have merged everything down to 3 holes, but normally it would be 18 holes.

The golfcourse table looks like this:

The course record:

Now the score table:

Now the user has forexample 3 records like this:

Now what I want to do is get an output like this:
# of par 3: 3
# of par 4: 6
# of par 5: 0

I just don't know how to acomplish this...

Any help is apreciated...

Thanks in advance :-)