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08-22-2009, 09:41 PM
I generate my feedback scripts using Php Form Wizard which i recently purchased. I have however ran into a fix with a form i need to use an auto responder with that will not only send html email but will also attach a logo to send with the mail

The generated code for the feedback and auto response is as follows


// Receiving variables
@$pfw_ip= $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
@$VTIGROUP = addslashes($_POST['VTI-GROUP']);
@$T1 = addslashes($_POST['T1']);
@$T2 = addslashes($_POST['T2']);
@$T3 = addslashes($_POST['T3']);
@$T4 = addslashes($_POST['T4']);
@$T5 = addslashes($_POST['T5']);
@$T6 = addslashes($_POST['T6']);
@$T7 = addslashes($_POST['T7']);
@$T8 = addslashes($_POST['T8']);
@$T9 = addslashes($_POST['T9']);
@$T10 = addslashes($_POST['T10']);
@$D1 = addslashes($_POST['D1']);
@$T11 = addslashes($_POST['T11']);
@$T12 = addslashes($_POST['T12']);
@$S1 = addslashes($_POST['S1']);

// Validation
if (! ereg('[A-Za-z0-9_-]+\@[A-Za-z0-9_-]+\.[A-Za-z0-9_-]+', $T7))
header("Location: error.html");

//Sending Email to form owner
$pfw_header = "From: $T7\n"
. "Reply-To: $T7\n";
$pfw_subject = "Feedback Form from IGODYE's website";
$pfw_email_to = "infoseptemberatts@yahoo.com";
$pfw_message = "Visitor's IP: $pfw_ip\n"
. "T1: $T1\n"
. "T2: $T2\n"
. "T3: $T3\n"
. "T4: $T4\n"
. "T5: $T5\n"
. "T6: $T6\n"
. "T7: $T7\n"
. "T8: $T8\n"
. "T9: $T9\n"
. "T10: $T10\n"
. "D1: $D1\n"
. "T11: $T11\n"
. "T12: $T12\n"
. "S1: $S1\n";
@mail($pfw_email_to, $pfw_subject ,$pfw_message ,$pfw_header ) ;

//Sending auto respond Email to visitor
$pfw_header = "From: info@\n"
. "Reply-To: info@\n";
$pfw_subject = " Your Booking Request has been Recieved";
$pfw_email_to = "$T7";
$pfw_message = "Dear $T1,\n"
. "We have recieved your request for the booking of $D1. A Customer care representative will be looking into your request and will be getting across to you shortly with further information/instructions.\n"
. "Thank you for using US.\n"
. "HAI";
@mail($pfw_email_to, $pfw_subject ,$pfw_message ,$pfw_header ) ;

header("Location: thankyou.html");


Help will be appreciated please...
Thank you

08-22-2009, 09:48 PM
can you make this thread a sticky?