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08-04-2009, 01:59 AM
The game is going to be Shockwave!
If you want to help add me on MSN: Lewii.boii@live.co.uk

I have been thinking, and i want a new project. I am looking for a team to design a completely new game. It will only be a small game, but that's all you need to start off with, it will make loads of money, just think of Habbo.

My idea is something like:
A game base like Habbo or a new released game to miniclip, SpineWorld. That is only a base, the actual game story would be like a real life inpersination.
You design a character (make it look a bit like yourself maybe) and you firstly go to school and grow up (maybe you have the option to skip school and get to the stage you are now) You then get a job career, there will be a selection to choose from and you earn money and build your apartment. So basically this could be a game which you could sort of see how your life would be in the future. Prices of furniture will be the average price now, and so will job wages, depending on your job. So you can see your budget of spending too.

So if you think this is a good idea and would like to join me and my team to make it and hopefully it will become successful and maybe make quite a lot of money from it.

Any ideas for a good name?

Please only join if you have not many other projects so you can focus just on this project so it actually works, and have time to contribute.


HTML Coders; Odd Revenge, Mr Sheen, Markian
PHP Coders; Mr Sheen, Markian
MYSQL Coders; Mr Sheen, Markian
FLASH Creators;
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My MSN is: Lewii.boii@live.co.uk

So who's in?