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07-27-2009, 02:05 AM
I am looking to make a couple dynamic banners for a part of my website. I don't know what language is used for it. I would like to add some banner templates and a user can pick a template and then enter a couple words and it will be shown on the banner. Here is some images for examples.

07-27-2009, 02:40 AM
I would first make a PHP member login thing. Then use cookies to let them
"login automatically on this PC". Once a login is detected, you have total control
over what that user sees.

Banner, template, theme, etc. loaded automatically based on the user ID and
user preferences. Users could also have different "levels" of use (priviledges).

Words on banner... stored in the user preference or database, and could be
displayed over a background, or use PHP GD to make the text part of the background.

So, my answer is PHP and MySQL. Use Javascripting only for dynamic things that
are part of the experience, but not required (in case they turn if off for some reason).

07-27-2009, 02:54 AM
Hi, I should have mentioned that part, they have to enter a username and password to get into the site, it uses SESSIONS. So each person is unique, however the banners are limited to a group of people. There is only a dozen groups.

How about they select a custom template for the banner, and then enter a name and it overlays the text on the banner template and then they save it and then upload it and use it? That way it wouldn't automatically save as their banner (which is what I want but complex I guess)

07-27-2009, 07:18 PM
After they log in, you must be able to identify them?
A session variable is set that corresponds to their name or id?

With that, you don't really need to use MySQL.
You could copy a banner to a directory with a username as
the JPG filename, example: johnsmith_banner.jpg

You add "_banner.jpg" to the filename so you know it's the banner.

When they log in again, it finds their banner in the directory by the
username and displays it.

About the name on top of the banner.
Probably not related to their username? I'm guessing they can put any name on that?

Get the part done with the file thing first ... then we can show you how to insert
text into that JPG file using PHP GD ... the name becomes part of the image itself.

I just noticed the part about "groups".
When you say they login, how do you keep track of user and passwords?
When they register for a login, assign them a "group" or "level" value ... that
will then be used to determine which banner to use.

You need to tell us more about your user login/password thing. MySQL?


07-27-2009, 07:52 PM
When they enter their username and password, every person has a ID. So I am id 1 being administrator, and it increases when the next person registers and they get the next number.

Also they have a unique character name. No two people can have the same character name. It sessions is created by their id.

But the banner part I want for Alliances, an alliance can have up to 100 members. I want people to be able to pick a banner template and then add their alliance name to it and create it. I already setup the layout for picking the banner template and all. Just when being submitted I need it to overlay text onto the image. I would prefer to have it also save as their banner, instead of having to save it to your computer and then upload it again. But that might be too complex.

EDIT: Also I should mention that right now there is only 4 alliances (will be more later) so since this banner would only be for alliances, I am assuming it'd end up being banner_$id.jpg or something?