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07-27-2009, 12:15 AM
*looks just a round®...*scary...not used to bein' in the 'flash' (gasps) forum area...hehehe
but dooo just a remember® hanging out / coding in the ol' html area/webmasters pit...:O)))


say you have a flash file...fla... n' youre calling the content in via txt files...
...aka just a like® this...


ifin' lets just a say® theres three 'txt' files that are being called?


(sometimes theres an 'image' to the right of areaname2.txt n' then areaname3.txt goes sorta br clear=right...)

how can you get the 'scrollbar' to just a ffect® all three files? it seems to just a want® to do one of 'em...:O(

n' too??? youre supposed to be just a ble® to insert images into the 'txt' file via <img src="whatever.jpg"> ...*whispers...they didnt use 'width/height/alt/border' specs... but when we do it??? :O((( the image 'stretches' to the full width of the textfield area of the flash vs being its just a normal® size...:O(

im pretty sure the flash guy is using action script 2.0??? n' ifin it would help to see the fla file just a sk® :O)

hugs as just a lways® n' hoping someone can help...:O)

*looks at gnomeontherun...is that you jer????

07-27-2009, 07:31 AM
*looks at gnomeontherun...is that you jer????

Yeah that his him. See: http://www.codingforums.com/showthread.php?t=172861

Good to see you on the boards again justame.

07-27-2009, 10:10 AM
Yes tis me.

I'm not sure I get exactly what you are doing. You are loading data from 3 text files, some of the content is HTML? What are they being loaded into? What do you want the result to be?

FLA might be helpful!

07-27-2009, 12:48 PM
Good to see you on the boards again justame.

:O))) why thank you ora...:O))) *giggles.../me hasnt just a forgotten® where the pros code n' where to come for help...:O)))

07-27-2009, 12:54 PM
Yes tis me.

I'm not sure I get exactly what you are doing. You are loading data from 3 text files, some of the content is HTML? What are they being loaded into? What do you want the result to be?

FLA might be helpful!

*whispers...for the mostest part? /me doesnt know what shes doing either...hahaha...

the top of the fla file is flash header/menu which spans say three columns... then... in the next row ...

you have just a side® background ...got that ok to load with the flash
then in the next/middle cell is where the say three text files load for the content...
n' then in the right side cell...tis just a nother® background ...n' that too loads with the flash...

n' then the bottom 'row'...
has just the privacy/copyright... designed by stephsco...

from what /me understands...
yes 'some of the content' is 'html' but ONLY using the tags that were on that link...aka the ones that are ok to use...n' they are being loaded into a textfield on the flash n' when you click in the flash menu??? the 'text file contents' slide into the 'textfield' from left to right...

ill email the tech n' ask for the fla file weve been using...:O)))

hugs as just a lways® n' ill be in touch...:O)))

07-27-2009, 02:08 PM
Yeah, the FLA will be helpful, and a link to an example?

08-01-2009, 09:40 PM
hey there jer...

just a quick® note to say this is what the tech said...

We have 2 dynamic text boxes which get populated with text from external .txt files and an image (imported to the flash library) between them. What we would like to do is have all three objects grouped together in such a way that when their combined height is more than the height of the background they are placed on, a scroll bar can be used to view any content below the fold.

Visually (I wouldn't be upset if you didn't use this image):
*giggles...guess im upsetting the tech n' using his sample...hehehe ...please see the jer.jpg

then he continued...

Where the red is the amount of space available for display and the black boxes are the objects. The bottom box is below the display area so a scroll bar is needed to move the 3 objects up together so that they keep their spacing and allow the user to view the rest of the content.

You can also explain that I tried creating a..Movie Symbol..and placing the three objects on the staging for that Movie Symbol, and then adding the Symbol to the main stage and applying the scroll bar directly to it, which did not seem to work. Though I am on actionscript 2.0 so I don't know if that is a limitation of my version or if there is another way to think about doing this.

hugs as just a lways® n' gone to pm you the links to the fla / sample page...

08-07-2009, 05:11 PM
Hi Steph,

Scrollbars only work with textareas. So let me get everything straight, you load these text files, they have HTML inside, and the scroll areas should activate if the text overflows the original space?

I checked the file, the textareas and scrollers look like they are set up right. I have to admit that I disagree with the basic structure of the whole thing, which might also be causing some issue. The entire site is wrapped in Flash, which I don't think one should do unless the site really benefits from it and doesn't mind targeting a limited audience. This is pretty much using Flash instead of a frame in HTML. However beyond that, I can't see the problem you are describing, perhaps it is because I don't know what exactly it is still? I have the demo link, but nothing is loading on a few of the frames, and I probably need to see at least one of the offending html text files.