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07-25-2009, 09:14 AM
I am Murphy, I am an artist. I want to establish a website of my own thorough which I can advertise my thoughts, views and some of my pictures to peoples. I am looking for a good company which can help me and develop a website. I have spent lot of time on internet but I am hopeless. So, please help to get any information as soon as possible.

07-25-2009, 05:10 PM
How about using Wordpress (http://wordpress.org/) and looking for one of the millions of themes (http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/) that have been created for it?

07-26-2009, 03:13 AM


start there - do this thing one page at a time
don't spend any money, get it free
when you want to buy good hosting, go to a reliable SME
not to a global giant with watered down facilities/utilities


satisfaction guarantee, clients - not the vocab of an artist in my imo (i love that, "in my imo" - now that's surely part of the world of art, anyway, back to non-narcissistic thought) and perhaps the brand-drop of some nodoubt cumbersome information publishing tool, probably that you have to pay for, does strenghten my conviction that incorrect facts is the lesser evil of that response about the "many peoples"

Artistman, I like that line:

I am Murphy, I am an artist.

I am murphy, I am an artist.

It echoes, resounds with eternal qualities, and then there's the whole Murphy's Law thing (an important part of techie culture, or perhaps counterculture, which culture innately is for us out here, other than culture that isn't ours, i.e. the traditional).

Can I counter-suggest. Say no to wordpress. Screw that sort of shiyat nword-a. As obama says... "You ain't my ***** n(etc), buy your own damn fries" (I presume SOME people have heard that quote, of him reading out a line in a book, what a piece of mirth THAT is).

Get a piece of free easy basic hosting. Don't underpay or overpay. Just maybe 50 to 100 pounds or dollars a year.

Put your art up on your hosting. And get a domain too.

Don't waste time with "cms" systems - cms is an encrypted form of the tla wot (waste of time).

A basic page needs, other than the opening and closing html, head and body tags, nothing but image tags, writings and <p>'s, and it'll be fine. Just fine. Go for it. Do it all yourself. Don't use slow-loading buggery-rubbish preset formats like blogs or this's or that's. just do it your way. Be an artist.

NB this is a coding forum. People here either have no artistic vision or think mechanistically (even with their art, like me). What you're looking to do is design something. Don't go to a "design forum" either, but bear in mind that coders are a numerical sub-species of human, created almost entirely out of numbers, algorithms and hypothetical structures. We will just slow you down. Be free. Escape from the cage. Go and make the site yourself and come back wiser than everybody here. That's how I got here, if you take my meaning - when I was you. Now I'm me.

[art, of course, and its propagation and pursuit, is another valid excuse to break fasting rules]