View Full Version : setcenters()

Mar 29th, 2003, 05:52 AM
I couldn not think of a way to make a setcenters() function.
I am creating a dropdown menu. I don't know the best approach for this, but I thought of a way. How can I have some math, like.

var navbarwidth = Screen.width - 120(nav bar does not take up entire line)

navbarwidth/6 (dropdown menus)

Then some math to center those.....Some formula for that, I'm sure.

Then, onmouseover display a box that is at the absoltue position, display: hidden, box.

and you can onmouseover that which will contain text links. Below that, another absolute position(same spot) have a image acting as a background. which will controll the size of where you can mouseover while keeping the menu up(width, height of this image) and will also eventually have a lower opacity filter to provide a transcluent effect. Then the links will be normal text links, that I controll in divs. The background will just be a circular box coming from the top....

Any good places to start? First of all, I need to figure a formula so it places the links and the divs for the menu to show correctly.