View Full Version : Replacement for NetShareGetInfo to get Share Path [C++]

07-23-2009, 05:44 PM
For the past 10 years I've been using NetShareGetInfo() to retrieve the PATH for my shares, this was done as follows:

SHARE_INFO_2* share_info_2 = NULL;

NET_API_STATUS status = LM_API.NetShareGetInfo (
(PWCHAR) (PCWCHAR) WZS (cszServer),
(PWCHAR) (PCWCHAR) WZS (cszShare),
2, (PBYTE*) &share_info_2
return share_info_2->shi2_path;

Up until a few days ago this was perfectly fine, but now my software is required to run under NON-ADMIN accounts - and from my readings and first hand experience this will no longer work (Access is denied)

Is there an alternative I can use to simply get back the share path? I am not interested in any of the other information provided in SHARE_INFO_2 but I need those paths...

Any help would be much appreciated.