View Full Version : Who remembers hypercard?

07-22-2009, 11:44 PM
If anyone asks you to name something more irritating than facebook, slower-loading than myspace, more in-bred than microsoft bureaucrat (or office or whatever they call it) that's hypercard, and yet made by Apple...

The only time I used it to do anything serious was for making a sort of spreadsheet of all the graphic design jobs I'd done and how much I got paid for them. If my old mac starts up when I plug it in I bet I'll find the hypercard stacks I made when I was 16.

I even downloaded some version of bbc basic to my mac and started programming on that in 1999, but rapidly moved on to perl on the same machines, a Mac LC and one of the oldest imacs, and within a couple of years I finally got a new white imac (which is still my computer now) and perl just took me over, over the years.

The only thing truly more crappy than hypercard was the old bbc basic "graphical language" logo.