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07-21-2009, 12:15 AM
hi guys
i have a little problem :

i saw a image effect that changes images on mouseover and i wanted to do a similar one
so i downloaded the page and tried first to reproduce the effect
but with no success

anyone can help me out :)
pretty plzzzzzzzzzzzzz


07-21-2009, 12:21 AM
Mages? :D I believe a variation on this is probably what you need/want:


07-21-2009, 12:27 AM
what was the page you looked at? You may want an image map or you may be able to achieve the same thing in CSS only. It just depends on your app.

welcome to CF btw.


07-21-2009, 12:34 AM

07-21-2009, 12:51 AM
when you 'copied' their code, you didn't copy the co-ords which tell the browser which part of the map the mouse is over. You may or may not have posted an image for mouseover ie, the green ones.


07-21-2009, 01:01 AM
just checked it
there is coordinates

07-21-2009, 01:10 AM
The images do seem to be there

and the co-ordinates and image map are there
(this code is from the "copy")...

<map name="lebanon_map">
<area onmouseout="mOu();" onmouseover="mOv('lebanon.northlebanon.Akkar')" title="عكار" href="http://www.souklubnan.com/start/location?l=ar&amp;location=lebanon.northlebanon.Akkar" shape="poly" coords="270,17,290,17,296,14,310,18,315,16,325,19,330,17,338,19,347,13,348,3,354,0,358,2,357,9,365,19,374,16 ,379,19,395,15,394,18,393,28,382,30,377,25,370,26,369,39,355,49,343,54,327,82,317,80,309,83,306,79,3 01,80,292,70,285,72,278,70,258,72,256,61,263,60,261,57,253,51,256,47,259,47,260,31,256,13,264,12">
<area onmouseout="mOu();" onmouseover="mOv('lebanon.northlebanon.MiniyehDiniyeh')" title="المنية-الضنية" href="http://www.souklubnan.com/start/location?l=ar&amp;location=lebanon.northlebanon.MiniyehDiniyeh" shape="poly" coords="327,83,323,92,309,105,303,107,297,117,291,118,289,124,282,124,277,127,269,126,265,124,253,110,248,10 9,243,101,243,103,241,101,238,91,246,88,246,80,252,79,255,73,266,72,270,72,274,72,277,73,282,74,291, 72,300,82,305,80,309,84,315,83">
<area onmouseout="mOu();" onmouseover="mOv('lebanon.northlebanon.Tripoli')" title="طرابلس" href="http://www.souklubnan.com/start/location?l=ar&amp;location=lebanon.northlebanon.Tripoli" shape="poly" coords="209,80,215,81,219,88,223,89,225,85,223,80,228,69,233,65,236,68,241,68,244,76,247,73,247,67,255,66,25 5,61,260,60,261,56,256,55,254,52,253,48,248,50,240,53,237,59,222,65,213,65,207,73,211,81">
<area onmouseout="mOu();" onmouseover="mOv('lebanon.northlebanon.Zgharta')" title="زغرتا" href="http://www.souklubnan.com/start/location?l=ar&amp;location=lebanon.northlebanon.Zgharta" shape="poly" coords="265,125,255,129,248,124,242,128,232,122,225,121,221,114,220,102,221,100,220,95,223,93,223,89,226,87, 225,84,225,78,231,68,234,67,239,69,242,75,249,67,249,69,257,68,254,75,246,78,246,87,237,91,239,102,2 42,105,249,112,252,113">
<area onmouseout="mOu();" onmouseover="mOv('lebanon.northlebanon.Koura')" title="الكورة" href="http://www.souklubnan.com/start/location?l=ar&amp;location=lebanon.northlebanon.Koura" shape="poly" coords="210,88,199,98,191,97,185,110,188,113,189,123,187,125,187,130,194,129,202,135,206,135,207,129,213,126 ,218,128,222,122,220,116,218,97,222,90,218,89,211,80,209,82">

<area onmouseout="mOu();" onmouseover="mOv('lebanon.northlebanon.Bcharre')" title="بشري" href="http://www.souklubnan.com/start/location?l=ar&amp;location=lebanon.northlebanon.Bcharre" shape="poly" coords="207,136,209,130,214,129,218,131,224,123,231,123,240,130,247,127,255,131,265,128,278,129,284,126,290, 125,293,120,296,120,295,125,280,138,277,146,268,151,262,148,250,148,244,145,235,147,232,138,226,138, 220,133,214,135">
<area onmouseout="mOu();" onmouseover="mOv('lebanon.northlebanon.Batroun')" title="البترون" href="http://www.souklubnan.com/start/location?l=ar&amp;location=lebanon.northlebanon.Batroun" shape="poly" coords="165,145,165,131,172,118,178,123,183,119,185,112,187,116,187,122,184,127,187,132,195,132,202,137,213, 138,219,135,226,140,232,140,234,150,244,148,248,150,263,150,268,153,260,162,263,164,262,170,259,171, 241,163,232,167,220,166,218,158,206,154,202,157,194,152,186,156,179,152,173,152">

If I had all your code in front of me, I'd try and find the second location in all your scripts and objects of the word "Jezzine" - that would help me solve your problem. If nothing else works, find that and tell me two places where it is on the original and on your site.

07-21-2009, 01:14 AM
everything is in the directory
all the code is in

07-21-2009, 01:19 AM
It is this function...


which I can't find - and I suspect that wherever it is may be a place where that placename (and others) can also be found.

Can you do a "batch file" text (content) search on all the files you downloaded? If so, look for either mOv() where it appears other than on the main index page, or otherwise look for that place name I suggested. Then you will find the file you are missing. Something must have just got missed out - it's a complicated hairy job to transfer all that, and you have put all appendages into one directory whilst the original had things split up into various ones higher up, so you must have just made a small slip up somewhere and missed a file.

07-21-2009, 01:30 AM
thanks guys

07-21-2009, 01:33 AM
but still can't figure out how to make it work

07-21-2009, 01:54 AM
Maybe I have it...

var uipVS="";
var imgPath="images/map/";
var layerOnTop=null;
function loadAllI(a)
{var b=0;while(b<a.length)
function loadI(c,a){var b=new Image;b.src=getSrc(c,a);

In the script you mention, start__v69me.js
has an image path

I checked the original, and their image directory is at the same level in the hierarchy as your directory for all things to go in

which means that you will probably get it working if you make this change...


var imgPath="images/map/";


var imgPath="/T1/skl/images/map/";

(well give it a go, what's there to lose?)

07-21-2009, 02:02 AM
changed it
but didn't work

07-21-2009, 02:44 AM
ah. maybe you should do it again but keep all their folders "as is" - it must have taken a lot of work to change it in the first place

at least then either it would work or you'd know that the problem was something really devilish

although maybe my solution could work if the leading backslash is removed...

I think the obvious answer is that in moving the files around the place, altering the hierarchical structure of the files in your "conversion", you have somehow dislocated something from the rest of it, somewhere.

Thus starting from scratch is bound to be the fastest way to solve this! But next time just keep everything in the same structure, filewise.

07-21-2009, 05:01 AM
i tried it but it didn't work :) . Hope someone can help you:thumbsup:

07-21-2009, 11:56 AM
thanks guys

07-21-2009, 02:20 PM
I am not managing to save that page, to be honest. My trouble is that arabic writing on my mac is messing up the filenames and because I am not familiar with saving "all files" option on fireworks I'm not sure what i should (if anything) change the suffix to in order for it to work.

I don't think that just saving a page's files direct from a browser is the best way to copy it, though. You should go through it by hand and download every file individually and replicate the whole hierarchy very carefully.

I'm not saying it's definitely why it's not working but any time I have done anything similar (i.e. in terms of structural manipulation) if there has been a fault it's been something predictable - some little thing, a missed file, a typo in some changed path, something like that.

And the symptom your site has is indicative of a high probability that this is the case - everything seems to work but somewhere along the line it's not managing to locate all those files in image/map... the paths do look like a potential area for trouble, and the altered hierarchy, with all that mad css involved, is certainly asking for it.

Maybe you should be cool about this - take the actual image files and image maps and build the rest of it entirely by yourself - it's not very hard. The only hard work for building that would have been the image maps and the coords, which you definitely have in tact.

Vive le Liban.

07-22-2009, 01:05 PM
What is it you want to do?

Do you want to create something similar or do you want to take the exact same map to your page?