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07-19-2009, 11:04 PM
Ok so I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to Javascript... the only reason i though to post here was because I found what I was looking for with my background image with java... basically I am trying to re-design my website... and i pretty much want to make everyhting auto-scale to whatever size the browser window is... i know it can be done in CSS but i would pre-fer not to have to re-do everything lol, besides i like being able to grab the sides of the browser window and watch everything shrink... basically i am looking for a script that will do what this website does... http://www.dannylane.co.uk/main.php# ... i know, that ones flash and not java... like i said, i dont even know if its a possibility to do it with java... and i have one for my background already... my website is, http://www.AnthonySwinsinski.co.cc its kinda lame right now, i just started it and am kind of hung up on this problem, i need to fix it before i can go onto the next part. so yeah if you know of one that will work the way i am trying to get my site to, thanks in advance... its much appreciated!


07-20-2009, 06:53 AM
i dont even know if its a possibility to do it with java

Eich was told to make LiveScript/Javascript 'look like' . . Java. But it's certainly not Java.

If you, instead, are looking for a flash-mimic, many people end up writing their own. I'm sure there are many plugins.

What you want to do can be done in Javascript. If it were me, I'd prefer it be part of a more general library function for animation/flash-mimicry.

Specifically for this, you know the particular DIV with your styled unorderd list element. You can read the client size of the window, and set an event handler when the window size is changed. It would just be a matter of whether you want a linear change or other sort of change in the font size. But again, if it were me, I'd prefer calls out to a more integrated if larger set of functions designed to 'put-flash' using Javascript.

There must be so many of these.