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07-17-2009, 05:26 AM
Hey, whats up! I am making this site for a family friend's new factoring company. This is just a preview and I am not anywhere close to being done. I have a different way of doing some things(But I think those things work well).

Don't pay attention to the actual words of the content, as of now it is just a "lorem ipsum". But the content will look similar to that, and the content does for some reason slightly bother me. If you have any suggestions on how to lay the main content out that would be nice!

Oh and yes, I know there are alot of absolute positions.

If you look in IE, the BG is NOT fixed in the #main-content area, but in FF it is fixed. I have no idea why. If someone has a clue, lmk.

I would like to thank SB56 for helping with a bunch of things!

Tell me what you think: http://fallenmedia.net/cp_cable/test