View Full Version : A width problem with Photoshop CS2.

07-13-2009, 05:06 PM
I have made a .png imageof some shadow text using my Photoshop CS2.
It worked without any problem until I decided that the text should be larger.
I made the text larger easily enough only to find that it had gone off the right hand side of the canvas. I did a control/Alt C and changed the canvas size only to find that the new canvas had added itself to the right hand of the existing canvas and overlaid the part of the text which was previously off the original one.

I cannot find how to deal with this situation. I have the manual and also the descriptive CD but neither helps. I know thati can start again, but surely there must be some way of amending the original.

Any help gladly received. I cannot even find the word "width" in the indices of the book.:confused: