View Full Version : Site review .. and tips please!

07-05-2009, 11:01 AM
Hey, looking for places to get some professional feedback. I'm a coder, and usability expert. Design and making pretty things is hard for me.. i can usually tell it sux, but struggle to know how to fix it.

The site is .. www.pessimisticlove.com
also check http://pessimisticlove.blue-triangle.com for an alternate background (which i think w/some more work is superior).

The site is functional but a little rough around the edges, a bit buggy in I.E. but if you want to play around w/it there is a nice registration system w/customizable avatars etc..

Overall i'd just like some suggestions on how to make it look more professional, and less rough. I'm terrible at picking colors, and choosing fonts. Any usability and general tips are also welcome.

Thanks for any suggestions.