View Full Version : websense keeps accessing my sites ?

07-04-2009, 04:47 PM
I have noticed for some time that websense.com has been accessing my sites on my server. sometimes the last two nmbers of the ip change but it is always websense

who are they and why would they visit all of my sites even when i create a new account on the server they seem to find this site with in hours of it being created!!

i do not have any connection with them or have an account, and from what i see they do not see to be a search engine site, just a security company and other things but none that connect with my sites in any way.

any suggestions ??


07-08-2009, 01:50 PM
This is normal, ignore it. You'll find 100s of bots will be trawling your website all the time, some for search engines, some data farming, some for websites like this that check around to find known malicious websites.

hope it helps! :thumbsup:

07-13-2009, 04:19 AM
It is possible to stop bots from accessing your site by adding a 'robots.txt' file to your directory. In this file you can specify which bots to disallow and the directories to block them from.

user-agent: *
disallow: /

This tells all bots that they are not allowed to crawl your page. If you look at the name of the websense bot, then you can replace the asterik with the name of that bot, and that will prevent specifically that bot from accessing your website. The 'disallow' field is the directory to block the bot from. A '/' means all directories.