View Full Version : Calculated Fields in Paradox

07-02-2009, 03:44 PM
Recently I have been trying to convert a Paradox for DOS report to Windows by creating the design by hand but copying the calculations into the new fields.

The report simply tallies the number of records based on different conditions and displays the totals in a set of columns. I haven't had issues creating the layout, but the Windows version of Paradox will not accept the calculation formulas so I wanted to know if there was a guide I could use to figure out how to switch the formulas over.

Below is the original code, and below that is the new code I've been trying to use (aside from the original).


New code:


I also tried more variations such as quotes around the table and others but nothing has worked. I did manage to create queries however, but I don't think importing a query for every field (literally over a hundred) is practical on the technical side of things.

Thanks in advance for any assistance