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07-01-2009, 03:06 PM

This is my first website which was coded by hand and I would like some feedback.

The person im doing it for wanted more of a personal site than a generic professional website which is why it looks a bit different than the normal.

The person is happy with the design, I just want some optionions to be honest.

I have used Heading tags as much as I can and will be changing the tags before it finalized.....i.e using H1 tags for page titles


07-01-2009, 03:23 PM
Hi there, if they are happy with the design, then I'll just make some basic comments about usability and code.

I think its a simple layout, and a simple site. That often works well together.

I would remove the badges at the bottom. When I first started doing valid layouts (it was so cool!) I did the same thing, but I've found that people 1) don't know what it means 2) don't care what it means and 3) will lose your site if they click on it. A techy person who knows what it means, can check themselves without the badge, so I'd drop it.

The code is quite clean, just a few things I would do to spruce it up a little bit. The usage of header elements is nice, but you neglect regular paragraph tags for the rest of the content.

The whole keywords thing at the bottom is black hat SEO. I mentioned that elsewhere, but really expand your content and get those words in the actual content. Besides, the higher up the words are the more important they are. And yes, it can bite you in the rear, probably won't get caught (for the time being), but its a risk. I can't imagine these keywords are in hot competition, unlike the keyword 'web development', so don't resort to them if you don't have to.

I don't see why you needs 3 divs for your header image?

Meta tags, clean up the generator and ID tags, they are extra.

You have three sets of numbers at the top, but what are they?

The photos in the gallery have no caption, giving them no context.

Do not, I repeat, Do not Do not Do not put an email address online as plain text. Its spam city for you if you do.

Good luck.

07-01-2009, 04:30 PM

Thanks a lot for taking time to look at the site, its very appreciated.

I was toying with the valid code badges so will liekly just remove them

I did suggest to the person that we need to rewrite the contents really to include the keywords but they refused as they are terrified of losing position in Google rankings so i suppose thats thier own choice, I have explained the risks.

I copied the meta tags from the pages on thier previous site.....should i just delete them?

There are three seperate images on top of the header, i suppose i could just use three classes or better still photoshop them into the header image itself to cut down on the divs

The numbers are telephone numbers, the person wanted them displayed like this, against my better judgement

Also thanks for mentioning the photo captions, the person is working on these and also more photos so this page will be changed very soon.

Will sort the email address out

Once again, much appreciated.

07-01-2009, 06:06 PM
Areas does not have an apostrophe in it unless it's a possessive. You may want to punctuate your title somehow: it's currently impossible to read.