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06-29-2009, 02:33 AM
So I know this guy making a website :rolleyes:

Anyway, I have been working on a travel website geared toward a specific market (nothing illegal and NO PORN) but the name of the website and the general assumptions surrounding it are problematic in one area:


Without even looking at my site, I am instantly denied as an affiliate (I know the typical affiliate pitfalls that you site must be active and all privacy statement etc... I have all of that covered to a "T" )

My question / theory is if I register another domain name, get it hosted and populate it with all the content EXCEPT what turns off the affiliates, and then sign up with those affiliates....

Then go back to my original website, create a Joomla! page wrapper and have it show the pages on the site my affiliates like with their/my affiliate link and my customers click on it.... since it is a wrapper, will the affiliate see that the link came from the site they dont like? Or since it is a wrapper wrapping a page in my site they do like, the click-threw just moves them to my affiliate with no issues?

(I asked this on the Joomla! forums, but I believe codingforums.com has a larger population of Jedi computer masters:thumbsup: )

06-29-2009, 10:19 AM
If you didn't get much of a response on the Joomla forums, its probably because it has nothing to do with Joomla. Posts not directly about Joomla do go unanswered often. I also don't understand what could be the problem with the affiliates, but here we go.

Wrappers in Joomla are just iframes. Not sure how they track their affiliates, but they are able to tell its being displayed on a different website than intended. Just a little javascript would do it, and I haven't checked this but I would bet that it would show up on server logs. The question is if they care or check regularly, but they could end up blocking the IP address of your 'questionable' site.

Another idea would be to feature the undesired content on the undesidered link, and use it to draw people to your other affiliate rich site, with creative copy text and lots of links.