View Full Version : Recommended RSS editor/creator

06-28-2009, 02:55 PM
I'm looking to try out a new RSS editor. I currently use Listgarden -- for a pretty old software it is great. A couple desires leave me looking for a new one.

Here are my desires:
1. Be able to "import" items based on already created web pages. For example, if I have several news articles already created it would be great if I could point this RSS editor to them and it could identify the specified pieces (title, URL, description) and then create the items in the feed. I know I would have to create the articles in a specific way (like with tags that identy the title, description, etc).
2. Export to multiple HTML based on different templates -- I would like one HTML file that includes descriptions, and one that doesn't.
3. Filter out certain items depending on which HTML I'm exporting to -- for example, one of the HTML files I only want the latest 10 items or so. For another, I only want the items for each month (June only, or July only, etc.)

I have seen many editors that can easily do my desire #2. Some editors claim to do desire #1, but they seemed tricky and I couldn't figure it out. I have seem none that can do #3.

Any ideas?

Thank you.