View Full Version : Need Your Help About Editor Interface

06-25-2009, 07:44 AM
Hi Friends,

I need your help in my one recent project and want to make a level editor for a 2D scrolling shooter I'm making. I'm pretty sure I understand the concept fairly well but I'm sort of lost as to how to implement the interface.

I've seen a lot of tile editors that are seemingly written using the WinAPI or something similar. Since I've never really done anything substantial in WinAPI before I'm hesitant to start learning that halfway through doing my DirectX 2D scroller.

So considering the limited requirements I have, would it seem practical to just cobble together a crude UI using rectangle graphics for buttons and implement the interaction with the buttons and whatnot myself from scratch?

Of course, I might end up having to start over halfway through because I forgot something and presumably using a "proper" system like WinAPI or whatever would be a lot more straightforward and malleable if I knew how to use it.

Anyone have a link to some tutorials that focus on interfaces of that style?

I just need something that preferably most easily lets me make an editor that can load up tiles, let me click them to select, click to place etc. etc.

your answers will be helpful.