View Full Version : Change page property of <jsp:include> onchange

06-24-2009, 04:16 AM

I have this problem..
I have jsp page which contains a select tag and a div..
<div id="detailsBody">
<jsp:include page="investigation-types/vehicular-accident.jsp">

when the select onchange event happens what I wish to do is change the page property of the <jsp:include> to another jsp page without reloading the whole page..just the div..the jsp pages that would replace also contains javascript (in script tags)..which needs to be executed after changing the page property..

using innerHTML does not work..I dont know if its possible in javascript though, if not how should I go about this?

How about AJAX?Is there a solution using this technology?

Have been searching around the net but still havent found a solution..
Any help would be greatly appreciated..
I hope someone can shed light on this problem..

Thanks in advance..