View Full Version : How do I fetch currently playing item from embedded playlist and save result to file?

06-22-2009, 09:57 PM
I need a script (or at least knowledge of the functions required to write a script) that can fetch the item# (or path\file would do as well), that's currently being played in an embedded .wpl playlist, into a variable and somehow communicate the content of that variable to an external program.

The complete story...
-is that I wrote a slideshow application which generate a .hta frameset to display the images (in one frame) and play the sound (in another, invisible frame). - Now I would like it to be able to display the path-/filename of the image and of the music file which is currently being shown/played.

-So basically what I need is some scipt (or at least the knowledge required to write a script) that can:
1) fetch the playlist item# into a variable, and
2) communicate it to the main program.

(Alternatively showing the path-/filename of the currently playing playlist-item in a popup-window would do, though I would prefer to let the main application handle the job, because I would like to also add an option so that the user can "tag" the presently shown/played image- or audio file for the application to f.eks. not play it again, and similar).

Thank you in advance.

I've been searching a "fetch currently playing playlist item" script but I haven't seen it anywhere so I suppose there hasn't been anyone ever thought of making it. ...I think it would be a very cool script to have in your scipts collection, though.