View Full Version : Hiring Coder (For Games)

06-22-2009, 06:24 PM
I am currently hiring coders for PC Online Games.
Preferably Crossfire, Soldier Front, Combat Arms, WarRock, Counter Strike Source/1.6, Maple Story, and Runescape.

You are to have Solid Proof that you have coding experience.
Your job is to create VIP Hacks.

I can't find an appropriate place to look for coders, and if there's a better place, please re direct me.

I will pay Half of what I earn.
Our site has only been up for 2 Month now, and is run by vBulletin.
And already have MANY VIP Memberships subscribed to us.
We've earned over $100, and when we recruit more coders, our site will grow much faster.
It already grows around 50-100 Members a day.

IF you're interested, contact me at...

xfire: faivious
MSN: faivious@live.ca
Or just email me at faivious@live.ca