View Full Version : Losing Field Focus on Parent Page after Lightbox is Closed

Pigeon Poop
06-22-2009, 06:10 PM
Ok here the problem.

I have a secure login page w/ a few links to help pages (forms) that open via ModalBox (http://www.hidip.info/free-ajax-scripts/modalbox-user-friendly-pop-up-and-wizards/).

When user clicks one of the links:
1. lightbox opens wit iframe showing form
2. If user presses "X close" button w/ submitting form...the lightbox closes and returns to login pg.
3. However, in IE when lightbox closes and returns to login pag, the field focus (in this case the field for "username") is disabled. You cannot click into it unless you refresh the page).

How can I make the "X close" button close lightbox and also reload the login page...so that the focus is set back to the "username" field.

I've tried adding an onclick refresh within the field itself which works...but they would like something more seemless...so here i am.

I've also tried this but no luck.

Any suggestions?