View Full Version : DIV's misplaced in IE

Jun 21st, 2009, 06:54 PM
It looks like IE misplaces the upper DIV in IE, when I open it in FF it's ok.

Can somebody take a look at this code:

<div class="s6l_index">
<div align="center">
<p><img src="../template/default/image/logo2.png" alt="TwitUrl" width="585" height="107" border="0">



<form action="/index.php" method="post" name="form" id="form" class="s6l_short_url_form" onchange="CopyIt();>
<input name="u_advanced" type="hidden" value="" />

Plak hier je URL <input name="u" type="text" />&nbsp;&nbsp;
<input name="submit" value="" type="submit" />
&nbsp;<a href="?a=y">Extra opties!</a>
I'm not at home, but can it be that latest div closing tag needs to be under the form closing tag?

Jun 21st, 2009, 07:11 PM
I found it :) Thanks anyways :D