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06-19-2009, 12:44 AM
Hi all :-)

I think this is easy for you experts, but for me it is using a library I do not have the skills yet to understand. I imagine just one small parameter needs to be tweaked somewhere in the library function, or else in the call to the function. Can you spot where/what I need here. Please allow me guide you to my question:

go here:


..ignore the window that popups (WelcometoNewVL.html) when you first land here. You can close that.

On the page we are interested in (virtulibrary.html), under the main graphic, and to the right edge, click the link "post a new meeting". It opens a javascript popup window. In this popup, input "govinda" for the rep name, "12:00 am" for the start time, and "Afternoon Meeting" for the meeting focus. Then click the 'submit your meeting' button. This form action lands us on the "RepMeetings.html" page (the same file as the popup we just submitted from), but what I need is for that form submission to land us on that page *but within* the same popup window we were in before we submitted, *rather than* closing the js popup window and replacing the original "virtulibrary.html" page that let us open that js popup in the first place. Did I make sense? How can I do that?

thanks for looking!

p.s. To save you having to dig for the relevant pieces, see these notes:



the "post a new meeting" link is like this:

<a href="#" style="text-decoration:none" onclick="displayMessage('Intranet_IE/RepMeetings.html?xxx=[yyy]&aaa=[bbb]&etc.. ');return false">
post a new meeting</a>


that 'displayMessage' function comes from here, higher up the page:

<script type="text/javascript">
messageObj = new DHTML_modalMessage(); // We only create one object of this class
messageObj.setShadowOffset(5); // Large shadow

function displayMessage(url)

messageObj.setShadowDivVisible(true); // Enable shadow for these boxes


'DHTML_modalMessage' seems to come from this code:

DHTML_modalMessage = function()
var url; // url of modal message
var htmlOfModalMessage; // html of modal message

var divs_transparentDiv; // Transparent div covering page content
var divs_content; // Modal message div.
var iframe; // Iframe used in ie
var layoutCss; // Name of css file;
var width; // Width of message box
var height; // Height of message box

var existingBodyOverFlowStyle; // Existing body overflow css
var dynContentObj; // Reference to dynamic content object
var cssClassOfMessageBox; // Alternative css class of message box - in case you want a different appearance on one of them
var shadowDivVisible; // Shadow div visible ?
var shadowOffset; // X and Y offset of shadow(pixels from content box)
var MSIE;

this.url = ''; // Default url is blank
this.htmlOfModalMessage = ''; // Default message is blank
this.layoutCss = 'modal-message.css'; // Default CSS file
this.height = 200; // Default height of modal message
this.width = 400; // Default width of modal message
this.cssClassOfMessageBox = false; // Default alternative css class for the message box
this.shadowDivVisible = true; // Shadow div is visible by default
this.shadowOffset = 5; // Default shadow offset.
this.MSIE = false;
if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf('MSIE')>=0) this.MSIE = true;


which is in this library (if I said this right):