View Full Version : I want a tutor guide in my career :P

06-18-2009, 10:22 AM
hi all,
I have been at love with computers from 12... or may b even before:P
Through these years i have had my ambitions changed.. but all those revolved around computer...
I first learnt Java[basics+classes]/Dreamweaver/Frontpage and started webpage designing.... i was progressing very well but found it boaring.. lol
Then i shifted over to c++ and i got hooked... i have learnt alll basics stuff and now am ready to chose my advancement feild...
I have decided on game programing (not an impulsive choice.. i have studied about its pros and cons and decided it:P.... )

Sorry for telling my biography but my tecnical background is important for the next question..

Where to head guys??
I have developed a Table Tennise gaame with Java... pretty simple 2D game looking like the old arcade game... integrate it as a double player game on a LAN.
post ur thread on ur opinion and experiences;)

-->and if any one is willing enough to guid me to learn more pls mail me at adarshakb@gmail.com:)