View Full Version : Vehicle Navigation DVD Help- I'll Gladly Pay for Your Efforts

06-17-2009, 09:40 AM
Hey there, hang in there with me on this one. It doesn't seem like it has anything to do with programming, but I promise it does. I really don't think it would be very difficult either to figure out.

I have a vehicle that has a built in GPS. Originally the vehicle came with a 2004 DVD for navigation. When the vehicle is stopped, you could change the destination/address. As soon as you drive it locks the address box until you stop the vehicle again.

However, by holding your finger on a certain place on the screen you could enter a 4-digit code to enable changing the address on the go. This has to be done again every time the car is restarted.

Then in 2008, an updated disc became available. However that disc contained a file called "loading.kwi", that installed a newer version of firmware on the car's Nav unit that blocked the "Destination on the go" for good. It still brings up the diagnostic screen to enter the code, but it no longer has any effect.

My question is, how might I be able to reverse this firmware upgrade? Could I extract the original firmware from another vehicle somehow, and burn another DL-DVD?

I know this is a stretch for this forum, but again, I would gladly pay for someone's assistance.

Here's an explanation of the file structure:

Other notes:
-I can post the .kwi file if you'd like
-I have been able to take the 2008 DVD, remove the .kwi file and burn that image. The "destination on the go" works as long as the computer never has had the loading.kwi file installed
-Also, the disc is made by navteq.com

Please let me know if you can help. Thanks!