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06-15-2009, 10:50 PM
Hello again

I'm trying to execute a function directly when I hit the submit button, now the function verminderen() executes onchange, I know it must be something like onchange, but that does't seems to work.

Head part

<script type = "text/javascript">
function CopyIt(){
var aform = document.form.u.value;
document.newurlform.newurl1.value = aform;

function verminderen() {
var a = document.getElementById("newurl1").value; // Haal de text in txt1 op
var len1 = a.length; // zet txt1 om in lengte

var b = document.getElementById("newurl2").value; // Haal de text in txt2 op
var len2 = b.length;
var c = len1 - len2;
var d = c / len1;
var e = Math.round(d * 100);
var e1 = "URL is met ";
var f = e; //nu moeten we het omdraaien
var f1 = " % gereduceerd!";
var f3 = " %";
var f2 = e1 + f + f1;
document.getElementById("uitkomst1").innerHTML = f2;
document.getElementById("uitkomst2").innerHTML = e + f3;
// document.newurlform.newurl.value = f2;

Body part:

<form {$form.attributes} class="s6l_short_url_form" onchange="CopyIt();>

{if $form.u.error} <span class="s6l_error_message">{$form.u.error}</span> {else} {$form.u.label} {/if}
&nbsp;<a href="?a=y">{$txt_advanced}</a>
{if $show_advanced_settings}
<div style="margin-top:10px;">
{if $form.u_id.error} <span class="s6l_error_message">{$form.u_id.error}</span><br />{else}{/if}

{if $show_short_url}
<div class="s6l_short_url_result">
<p>{$txt_short_url_text} {$output_message}</p>

<p><a href="{$output_url}">{$output_url}</a></p>
<form name="newurlform" onclick="CopyIt(); verminderen();">

<input type="hidden" id="newurl1" value=""/>

<div class="s6l_short_url_form_text_area"><textarea name="newurl" id="newurl2" cols="50" rows="4" wrap="physical" onkeyup="limiter()" {literal}onfocus="if (typeof(document.layers) == 'undefined' || typeof(textarea_selected) == 'undefined') {textarea_selected = 1; document.newurlform.elements['newurl'].select();}" {="{" literal}="literal}">{/literal}{$output_url}</textarea></div>

<div class="" id="uitkomst1"></div>
<div class="" id="uitkomst2"></div>

<div class="s6l_short_url_form1" id="myDiv"></div>

<div class="s6l_short_url_form2"><a href="javascript:getready ();"><img src="../template/default/image/twitten.png" alt="Klik hier om de TwitURL te Twitten" width="171" height="44" border="0" align="right"></a></div>

<div class="s6l_short_url_form3"><a href="javascript:selectAll ();"><img src="../template/default/image/select_all.png" alt="Klik hier om alles te selecteren" width="136" height="25" border="0" align="right"></a></div>


Old Pedant
06-15-2009, 11:20 PM
onsubmit, not onchange and not onclick

What server side language is that??? It looks like PHP, but it doesn't use PHP tags.