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06-14-2009, 06:56 AM
I have a web site using paypal. The functionality i require is for the customers to have the ability to upload an image and an inscription or message along with their purchase. The site currently has the ability to attach a message or inscription with the product, but I need the below added.
It should work in a way that,
- the customer selects the buy now button for a product,
- they are taken to a new page where they choose an image and write any inscription.
- an error page should remind them to upload an image if they try to checkout without doing so. This is not necessary for the message. Perhaps a radio button can be selected if they do not want an inscription.
-then they checkout using paypal.
- I should receive an email with the image as an attachment and the message or inscription in the body of the email.

I would also need a reseller user account created for the site.
When a reseller log in, they are then directed to a form they fill out and attach an image which is then emailed to me. NO purchase required as they would be billed monthly, so I would need a database retaining all their transactions.

Please feel free to reply with a quotation for the work. I can pay via paypal.


06-29-2009, 11:51 PM
the job seems simple enough,

1) does your server (or shared hosting server) host php?
If you do not know please either ask someone, or post a link of whomever provides the service

2) if it does not then it would have to be hosted externally which is simple enough, im interested in the job please pm me