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06-13-2009, 09:38 AM
Hey guys, i'm more of a developer than a designer, but i think that i did ok on this last one, and was looking for some feedback. The site is obviously never finished, but i would like to move on to my next project, only, i'm not sure what other people would think of it:



06-15-2009, 06:26 PM
I like the header and footer aspect of the site, although I think that the footer takes up too much real estate on the bottom of the page. Also, its interesting that you did navigation icons so large, as its not typically seen. The top banner is nice, I'd move the icon from the top right to the top left and shift over the e Information Organizer title a bit. I like the candy-striped banner. The only other thing I can think of is that I'd like to see some vertical separation of the content from the white space on the right and left. Maybe house the content in a div container and then apply a very subtle background gradient just to give the content some focus.

Hope that helps!

06-24-2009, 02:43 PM
In general I like it, especially the nav links. But as stated, the footer takes up too much vertical space. The liquid header and footer with the static content may look very strange on a wide screen monitor, on my regular screen, the content area already looks a little odd because of the empty areas left and right, this would be compounded on a wide screen.

06-24-2009, 06:32 PM
Yeah, i can't think of what to fill the extra white space with, so i left it blank. It makes the site look a little more clean, i think. I have a Widescreen monitor (1680), but i love that i am the only website whos header and footer are fluid while the content is fixed; but then again, i've always been known for being weird.


06-24-2009, 08:11 PM
Yeah, get rid of the footer logo. A small note is more appropriate. Put in a copyright notice too, which sort of is a standard terminal notice.

06-25-2009, 12:41 AM
Meh, who cares if your footer is big. I don't care about that.

I did create an account and went through the different features so here's my beta testing report:

1. After I entered a valid email address I got an immediate error that my email address is invalid. The form was accepted though with no problems... dunno why I got that error.

2. Most people have images blocked in HTML emails which make the emails look goofy... I would avoid including any images in the verification email (just my opinion, see attached image).

3. When I logged in, I got a really confusing message about an account being created for THIS website, yada yada... huh? I don't really want to know those details, do I? ;)

User Interface
4. Oy... more icons without text so I have to hover over the icon to figure out what the hell it represents. The icons are beautiful... just not all that useful. I just like a text label. along with the icon.

5. I'm thinking after adding a new item, keep us on the add item page so we can enter another new item, rather than bouncing back to the list page where we have to click add item again.

6. The "add new contact" image has a title of "contacts" rather than "add new contact"... another reason I prefer text over icons.

7. Miscellaneous is spelled with an "e" not an "i".

8. The form fields long for their labels to be on the left field on the right. You'd cut the length of the page in half doing this, and with right-justified labels, the form would look much better (JMO).

9. Some preset categories to choose from, or at least categories that I have already used, should be in a select box. At least that would be pretty cool :thumbsup:

10. Can't we see a calendar? Month, year, week and day views? Would be nice...

11. Half-hour and 15 minute increments, appt duration and/or end time, location/address fields, are basics for an appointment system. (I do understand you are probably not trying to duplicate the functionality of Outlook)

12. Task list needs more than just priority in my opinion... start date, due date, estimated hours, actual hours, etc.

13. Hrmm... my browser does a pretty good job of keeping bookmarks for me so I'm not sure I see the point of this one.

Online credentials
14. Wow, one would be kinda nuts entering all of their usernames and passwords into a 3rd party website! How do I know what you're going to do and not do with this info? This one just smells bad.

Overall, I can tell a lot of work has been put into the site, and although my list above maybe seems like I was just trying to find things to complain about, there is plenty that I like. The look and feel is quite nice; I just wish the icons had labels.

06-25-2009, 03:24 AM
* Hmm, i'm not sure what the email error would have been; i've never seen it before, so that one has me curious.

* The email is a prefab class file that i wrote which is used across all websites that subscribe to my service, and automatically adds that website's logo to the top, and Ionisis's logo to the bottom (as that is my company that leases out various IMS services, etc), so if i took it out of the class file, no one would be able to use it. I do understand the weird look issue, but i'm content with it.

* The purpose of that message is to let the new user know that they do not have to recreate an account for any other website that uses Ionisis's services; they merely have to log in. For example, if you went over to LinuxIntro.com and wanted to subscribe to articles, you would have to create an account. This message is a short explanation telling users that if there is an Ionisis.com Logo at the bottom of the page, then they can just log into that site, a sub account is created for them, and they will then be able to use it immediately (no registration or verification email needed).

* I have tried different ways to add text to the icons, and they always come out looking like crap, or, at least not as good as it does without them, and being ugly enough to NOT justify using text with them. There really are very few options, 8 main menu options, and a few feature options that are common to all features (browse, new, help), so once someone uses the website for a few days, they shouldn't have any problems remembering what is for what.

* Hmm, i will consider altering the "New Entry" page's functionality...

* If i add a text label along with the icon, depending on the name of the category that the user uses, it could take up enough space to cause the title to wrap, which would be way bad, so i just keep it short. That is also why i use icons there, instead of text, because icons only take up 20px whereas text would need about 100px per option.

* I will fix that title, thanx

* I will fix that typo, thanx

* I may alter the labels layout; but that is just as likely not to happen; it is something to consider; and i do agree it would cut down the length, which would be nice

* Ahh, yes, i used to only allow you to select between "Personal" and "Professional", but then realized that not all contacts fit this criteria very well, so i altered it so that you can choose whatever you like, but you HAD to choose SOMETHING or the page wouldn't accept the posted data. I recently (at the suggestion of another user from another site) did away with that requirement, so if you do not specify a category, it would be designated as "Unspecified". I do like the idea of having a list of categories that you have already used, but i'm not sure how soon i'll be able to get around using that idea...

* I have given thought to a calendar, but am not sure how i would use it. The only options that could get any use from a calendar are the Appointments Scheduler and the Yearly Events Scheduler, as the rest of them just do not need a calendar.

* I used to have it to where you selected 15 minute intervals of the hour; but that is not necessary now, because the textbox is where you are supposed to put your appointment's details, such as time and place; and the year/month/day/hour fields are only for you to select the time that you want to receive a notifications. This is because sometimes you want to be notified 1 hour before an event, and sometimes you may want to be notified 3 hours; this way you choose when you are notified, and then in the text box, you enter the event's details, such as time and place and duration, etc.

* Well, the task manager is kinda lacking, and i acknowledge that too. But i (was trying to keep it secret) am planning on adding a new feature for time tracking, and that sounds to me a bit more like what you... wait.... no..... i agree with you: they are separate; i will be taking this advice, thanx

* The bookmarker is so that you can (optionally choose to) share your bookmarks, but, most importantly, just a safe place to keep them, in case you have a computer disaster. I allows for more flexibility and organization than that of your browser. I use the hell out of it, and don't have to clutter my browser with bookmark folders now :D

* No, they wouldn't. If i was a suspicious person, i would not warn my users on the entry page for the credentials manager NOT to store their important password, because the site does not yet have encryption (it WILL have it eventually, but right now money is tight, and there are a few other upcoming websites that have a big precedence over who gets SSL first with what money i have). I respect people's privacy, but i respect their data safety even more. I do recommend using it, but NOT with your password. For example, i have probably well over 100 online accounts, and some websites have the stupidest fckin constraints for user names, etc, so i cannot ever remember my user name, even on websites that i use EVERY day (because my browser inserts my info for me). So, i have 3 variations of the same password that i use, which fits all requirements for all websites. When i enter my credentials into the organizer, i will enter my screwed up user name that the website forced me to make, then i will use something like "type1", "type 2", "type 3", for the password, so that i do not have to actually enter it, but that i can recall it by seeing my own hint.

Thanx for your in depth review; it really is appreciated. There is MUCH more that i have planned to do to it, including some completely new features, but right now, i have to take a break from this site, and finish my custom User Forum Management System and my Website Content Management System (like you see on LinuxIntro.com or TheReformProject.com), and then i have to finish Ionisis.com so that clients can actually subscribe to these damned services. On top of that, i am working on a professional Business Information Management System (eInformationManager.com) that takes the Personal Information Management System's features (eInformationOrganizer.com), and builds on top of them and ads more features for businesses. So yeah, it's going to be a while before i get back around to eInformationOrganizer....

06-25-2009, 05:28 PM
Wow you've got a lot on your plate :thumbsup:

Here's a bit more detail (see attached) on the email validation error msg... my email address is very short (the bit before the @ sign is only one byte) and I think that's what causes the error to pop up. I tried a 2-byte username and the message went away.

When i enter my credentials into the organizer, i will enter my screwed up user name that the website forced me to make, then i will use something like "type1", "type 2", "type 3", for the password, so that i do not have to actually enter it, but that i can recall it by seeing my own hint.

I'm totally down with using it in this way and I probably will! Because just like you I can't ever remember those few websites that don't like my normal login. So the password hint thing is a great idea.

Interestingly, I logged out to check the email error and my custom icon still shows up in the header :D

06-25-2009, 06:42 PM
Ahhhh, yeah, i check for at lease 2 characters before the @ sign; so that explains that.

As for the logo/avatar, i do not delete that cookie when you log out (i just don't feel it's necessary), but if you log in as another user, then it will be updated at login.

Do you, by chance, manage or run your own business with multiple (2 or more) employees? When my Business Information Management System (BIMS) is in beta or pre-release testing i will be looking for few people who are good at reporting bugs or errors to use the site, and in return for them giving me feedback i would be giving them something like 1 year of free service for the BIMS (this one will be a paid service, as it is more complex and powerful). Anyway, you have provided very comprehensive feedback, and that is the kind of people that i'm looking to give free accounts to (for about 1 year, or something like that; i still have not decided exactly what it is that i will offer in return). Such things are more important on the next site, because it is a paid site, and so it needs to be as stable and powerful as can be (and obviously because businesses will actually be running their offices with it!).

06-26-2009, 06:34 PM
I don't run a business (other than my own failing/failed web development business, sad face shrug) so I wouldn't have much need for an information system but you can put me down for some testing chores in the future, I don't mind volunteering a little time here and there. (good karma :D)

Diane S
06-28-2009, 07:17 AM
I like the large icons and header is nice. I find the footer too dark and large. The explanation of the purpose of the site is good.