View Full Version : Flash "speaking" with PHP within an .htaccess protected directory problem

06-10-2009, 10:17 PM

I have a Flash file (swf) which is basically a GUI to upload image files.

The Flash file uses a PHP upload API (made by me) which will validate the file format, resize image and move to the correct directory on the (same) server.

Both the swf and php are in the same directory. The parent directory is password protected with an .htaccess.

My problem is that the swf will ask for login/password (you know the login box triggered by the .htaccess) at each execution of the swf (If I check remember password in the .htaccess triggered login box all is OK). Usually if you do not check remember password the credentials are good until you close your browser but here I don't even change the URL / move away from the page.

How can I avoid the login/password prompt at each swf execution when I don't check remember password? Hope I'm clear enough,,, If not ask for clarifications.

So far I've tried to add crossdomain.xml at the root of my domain without success...


06-11-2009, 10:10 PM
This might be a better question for server guys, as I'm not sure what Flash has to do with it exactly.

But make sure your swf is embedded in an HTML page if its currently just being access directly. That might be a problem.