View Full Version : What exactly is the best design degree ATM?

06-10-2009, 09:09 AM

I want to get back into the Web Design field, and I plan on taking courses at a community college, as well as supplementing it with self-study. I already have a course outline for myself for my self-study track, but I want the associates for myself.

Is what I want "Visual Communications", or "Graphic Design"? I wish to design mainly at the user interface level and do modular programming and design, as well as support hosting clients (I already have MCSE, CCNA).

Another thing that I eventually hope to do, is to be able to take pre-packaged templates and modify the color scheme, typography, pagination, etc. (PROPERLY)

I want to develop quality landing pages, SEO materials, etc.

What is the best program to learn these things?

P.S. Again, I am aware that most of the course will be self-directed anyway, but I would like to have at least an associates of some kind for my resume.