View Full Version : What is the scrolling principle for a displayobj

06-09-2009, 12:37 PM
Hi, All

Would you please let me know the scrolling principle for a displayobj (i.e linechart) in flex?

For example, I have a panel which contains a linechart and a curve will be displayed finally. If the linechart's height is bigger than the panel's, a scrollbar will be shown, and we can scroll the scrollbar to scroll the linechart in order to show the whole curve.

If I create a new VScrollBar, and bind its event.position with verticalScrollPosition of panel on scroll(event) event, I can use this VScrollBar to scroll the linechart as well. However, how can I implement the scrolling function without using verticalScrollPosition of panel? In other word, I want to implement the scrolling by myself, how to do it?

Before doing that, I need know what's the scrolling principle for a panel? In Flex's guide, I found mask and scrollRect should be the two methods to implement the scrolling function. But according to my debugging against my application, I fond both mask and scrollRect for panel are NULL and I can not assign a new mask or scrollRect to it.

Who can do me a favor? Thanks in advance.

Edward He.