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06-08-2009, 08:27 PM
Hi everyone , generally I know a website can use Session , Cookie to store and track a visitor's information , which might mean , if the storage are totally erazed , information must be lost and cannot be traced anymore.

Then the question comes : www.rhapsody.com (http://www.rhapsody.com) is a famous online music service , which releases 25 free tracks for an initial visitor --- just a new visitor , no need to register ; when upper limit is touched , the anonymous visitor is prevented from continuing enjoying full music track and provided a 30's "trial listening" instead. I naively thought that the website might keep my listening list in its session or client cookie; if I totally clear these threads , site would be likely to "unrecognize" me and renew my "25 free tracks" . With the childish consideration , I cleaned browser cookies , closed current browser and re-opened website from a new explorer window --------- the result disappointed me : my listening history was preserved soundly , declaring crash of my nice dream !

In the next few days I were not give up and trying to make "clean visit" to the site : My IP was changed eachtime connecting web ( ADSL ) ; temperary internet files , cookies , were totally deleted ; however , all these changes seemed no effect on the steady maintenace of my personal history information owned by server.

The rhapsody media player is based on FLASH technology . I am not professional at FLASH but I think it also should assort to Session or cookie to deal with small web-based information storage.

Maybe my knowlege about internet technology is very limited so I want to consult some experts: where is the website possibly to store personal information other than Session and cookie?? Since my ip is changed everytime , cookies are cleaned totally , why the website is still able to identify me and track my information? May the web program deeply manipulate a visitor's computer and inject some computer-based identity to discriminate different "visitors" ( actually different "computers" ) . I will very appreciate your help if someone can advise me technically , thanks !!

Anyone , if interested , can visit the site and exhaust your 25 free tracks. Then you can try to find a way to erase your action clue to demonstrate my explanation.

06-08-2009, 09:05 PM
They likely store your information in a database and its very possible your ip address isn't changing at all. Did you actually check to see if it was changed? A simple way to check is to go to www.whatismyip.com

It will tell you your ip address.