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06-03-2009, 07:24 AM
To be honest I don't know where to put this question so please forgive if this is the wrong area.

I come from a background of building pc based business applications with Delphi and Visual Studio. If you are familiar with either of these RAD systems you know that the use of components helps to rapidly build business applications. If I needed a calandar I used a calendar component, if I needed an advanced data grid then I used a component for this, if I needed a pivot table then I used a component for this. My point is I spent my time building business logic... NOT components.

Now I am dealing with web development in the LAMP world (not Microsoft's ASP.NET) so what I am running up against is HOW to utilize the same type of components to help speed up development so I can focus on business logic and not be tied down on building an advanced data grid or building a nice calendar.

I guess it would be helpful to give you some examples. The best thing I could point you to is http://www.devexpress.com and then on the right site of the screen under "Our Products" click on ASP.NET Components and you will see a list of components they have for ASP.NET. Now this company have some great components for the ASP.NET world, but I am wondering if there is anything similar for the PHP development world (or something that would work with any server side language). Another example of some views that look good and look to be from ASP.NET world can be seen here in the screenshots: http://www.officevp.com/features-crm-task-manager.aspx

I know with PHP you generally do not have a RAD environment ( think there are a couple... one being Delphi for PHP and another I think is PRADO). Anyway... in general I don't know many people at all that mention RAD with PHP. So what I am struggling with is finding solid client side "components" or tools that provide most of the framework so I can get to the business of coding business logic and less dealing with the details of making an nice component or tool.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance!

06-04-2009, 12:37 AM
To add a little clarification... I do see that some PHP frameworks have some basic grid and form capabilities, but I was hoping to find some more feature rich components or widgets or whatever names may be given to them.