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May 31st, 2009, 06:38 PM

I have script to create the kml file according to my input.When i am executing php file. Its getting output then i can save the file...In the same way...i created button on html page...when i am clicking the button..the input data..has to go php and has to generate..kml file...and that generated file i can able to save...

here, in my script..

when i m executing the file in firefox like below...


It is generating the file..so i decided its working fine...

But when i am trying to the html page....please go through the below link


If i give startplace, endplacename and click the two points on the map...then if i press the download page it has to generate the same which i get before...but now there is no file is generating....

If i want to get the the file when i click on the button what i have to change....

Javascript: is available in


Please help me regarding this,

thanks in advance,

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