View Full Version : Most appropriate platform independent development language

05-28-2009, 07:06 PM

A project is looming whereby some code that I will be writing may be deployed on any hardware that potential clients happen to have. Its a business application that will be running 24/7 so I envisage that most of the host machines will be server type boxes but smaller clients might, for example, just have a simple PC.

A few more details about the code I will be writing:

1. There will be no GUI.

2. It will need to communicate with another bespoke 'black box' device over an Ethernet network.

3. It will need to communicate with a MySQL database somewhere on the network.

4. I don't have any performance concerns as a) the number of communications with the black box will be small, around 1 per second, and the amount of data exchanged will be tiny (around 1K each time), b) the number of read/writes with the database will be small, around 5 per minute, and again the amount of data exchanged will be tiny and c) the processing that needs to be performed is fairly simplistic.

5. Nothing I'm doing is very 'close to the metal' so I don't want to use languages that are too low level. Ease of development and ease of deployment are my main priorities.

6. I'm not expecting there to be a perfect solution so I can live with things like, for example, having to have slightly different configuration files for Windows machines than for Linux boxes etc. I would like to avoid having to compile the software for each host machine if possible though.

I would value your thoughts as to which development language you think is most suitable.